From 3rd-12th  March  in the Macedonian village resort was organized the event “ Days dedicated to the women”. For the occasion, in the “Makedonski an” restaurant , the guests got the opportunity to enjoy  the specially selected menu of delicious dishes and high quality Macedonian wines. The days were filled with various activities in which every visitor could be engaged. The visitors got the opportunity to enjoy the traditional “cardas” music, to attend the promotion and the signing of the book “333 Afirmacii” from Katerina Angelovska and to buy presents for their loved ones from the bazar, opened as part of the event. Additionally, a kid’s creative workshop was organized, where the children learned new skills and made handmade Women’s day presents, and later, together with the young talents from the Zlatno slavejce, they sang the most famous kids songs and songs dedicated to the mothers.
During the month of the Woman, the Macedonian village resort was the ideal place for everyone who wanted to express their gratitude love for the loved ones who deserve more than just words.